A new recruit for the new year!!

                                          TWeNTy-TeN's gonna be HuGe!!   

I'm finally making some progress on my running and race rosters for the new year (more details to come on those fronts soon), but the real excitement to start the new year is due to a team roster addition!! 

Little Matthew is my weeks-old nephew... he and I share a middle name, and I'm going to ensure we share much more before long.

My sole promise to his parents thus far is that we won't share a chairlift before he's 18, though I have a multi-year plan to wear down their resistance to the idea of adolescent snowboarding - and I've gotta believe the little adventurer will be ready for some trail-fun by pre-school, if not sooner.  

He already has his first, live canine-pacer looking after him, as well as all of these other trail animal friends :-)

Welcome to the great big World, and to the Team Matthew - we need you.  Once you start developing training and gear preferences, we'll start talking about sponsorships to pursue.  Since he can't yet talk, the Marshmallow Man for now says only:  "STAY PUFT !!" 

...happy trails indeed...