Running as fast as we can...

I'm feeling quite nostalgic these days.... running means more to me than it ever has, and yet this year I'm focused on almost anything but. When it comes right down to it - relationships are what matter in this life, and I've had to remind myself that if you don't tend to them on a regular basis, well.... it's almost as if they don't exist.

I think this is the reason I continue to go to great lengths to ensure I connect with my running family on race weekends, and love training with anyone - any chance I get. My weeks are so hectic that without these points of focus, it all can become just one big accumulated blur. Races give me (it sounds funny) the opportunity to slow down, meet new people (every single time - parking lot, trails, aid stations), and connect with those I already know - continuing to strengthen the bonds that tether us.

When I began running, I never realized that this most solitary of endeavors would lead me into such a social dynamic - the strongest community of which I've ever been a part. Take the time to thank the people in your life for being there... some of them would be there anyway, but some wouldn't - if you didn't reciprocate their love, their support. And for all sorts of reasons, you just never know when it is it'll be the last time you ever see someone. Cherish them... family, lovers, and friends alike.

I'm Speedee!!
In Lak'ech Ala K'in