Must. Sleep. Now.

I feel like I've uttered these words to myself every night of my adult life - maybe it's 'cause I went right into advertising. Oy vey...races to report on, pictures to share.... those things aren't happening tonight.
Maybe this week... I've gotta get an assistant; actually make that a maid - one that does laundry too.... but I won't invite you in without a post of some intended merit. For us sleep-starved, caffeine addicts - might I suggest the caffeine nap ?!? As good at noon as say, right now.
I can't even get out to run between weekends, and I'm gonna keep up with a running blog?!? We'll see....all of a sudden, I feel like I really need to go running - hmmmm. Right after I finish this iced latte.... Zzzzzzzz.