2007 > 2008 ~ le Premier défilé

I began training for my first marathon in the Spring of 2007.... months later, I was crossing the finish line of the Amsterdam marathon, elated I'd been able to achieve such a lofty personal goal. After the recovery and a nice long winter, I decided that in 2008 I was going to take on some different running goals - mountains and trails.

Pack Monadnock - 5/31/2008
Northfield Mountain - 6/7/2008
Mount Washington - 6/21/2008
Cranmore Hill Climb - 6/28/2008
Loon Mountain Race - 7/6/2008

...by the time Loon was over, I was in too deep - I spent the second half of the calendar year running race after trail race - spending most every dollar and waking weekend moment getting a fix on this developing addiction - and finishing the year with a 24 mile trail race effort, which allowed me to leave the year behind feeling like I'd successfully branched out in several directions, since my first year as a runner. 2009 .... it's going to be a long year... stay tuned.